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I can’t see a picture of the Phelps twins without tearing up. 

I tried to watch Order of the Phoenix today. Haha, no.

Please. Don’t. Let. Mama CP. Kill. A. Tweedle.

I think I might die if she does. Seriously.

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    What if she kills one of the Tweedle twins in a way that is similar to how JK Rowling killed off Fred? OHMYGAWD. I’m...
  4. philssupersecretboyband said: Don’t worry, Mama CP already said that they’re safe. Only one person dies, and she said that one couldn’t live without the other, which would make it two.
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    When one of them died in Dalton’s House of Horror, I cried so much. I swear, I’ll go into a coma if it happens to a...
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